via San Giorgio 11
Riva San Vitale

Monte San Giorgio is between the southern arms (Porto Ceresio and Riva San Vitale) of Lake Lugano.

It is 1,097 meters and its summit affords a breathtaking view.

Looking towards north-west, offers sweeping views of Lake Lugano - especially the ​​Morcote area - with Monte Lema and the Alps in the background.

If one turns his eyes to the east could see the steep slopes of Generoso and to the south the view extends over the Lombardy plain.

An extensive network of trails connect the various municipalities that compose the San Giorgio region.

Starting from Riva San Vitale, is definitely challenging getting to the top (3 hours), but the beautiful view of the summit will certainly repays the fatigue's hiker.

The best-known trail is the one that begins in the resort Comavalle, from the Church of Santa Croce up towards via San Giorgio and then along the marked trail to the summit. It is also possible to reach the top by climbing Ro'cul or by trail, starting from the resort Valserrata.

On the path you can go down to Alpe Albio to change from Ro'cul, an outdoor gym of Riva San Vitale.

For the less trained one,  there's a ride for comfortable cable car, from Brusino Arsizio to the Mount San Giorgio,  where you could get the viewpoint of Serpiano (650 m.).

The Monte San Giorgio is also internationally known for its Middle Triassic fossils. In July 2003 it joined the UNESCO World Heritage