As the mayor of the municipality of Riva San Vitale, I welcome you to our home page.

Here you'll find useful information about our local area and all it has to offer.

The website, with its new design and content, creates a connection between the town’s local administration and its citizens, doing so by providing information on the municipal services being offered as well as news on decisions taken by the local council and the municipality and other administrative matters.

The website makes it possible for people to find out a bit more about our area, and accordingly it represents a forward step in the process of modernization in which our fellow citizens are eager to participate.  However, the website is not a substitute for direct contact with the office of the mayor, our municipal staff and employees!

Please feel free to visit us in the municipal offices if you have any futher questions. My colleagues and I will be delighted to help you.

If you're browsing our Internet pages as a non-resident with an interest in our local area, there is no substitute for a personal visit. You'll then be able to see for yourself that the ancient village of Riva San Vitale, with its many historical and artistic treasures, surrounded by the magnificent scenery of the Prealps, is even more beautiful than it looks in the photographs and images provided in the interactive pages of this website.

Sending you my very warmest wishes. See you soon!


 Fausto Medici