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The Oratory of San Rocco was built after 1665, almost certainly on top of what was a smaller pre-existing chapel. Now a protected building, the church was constructed on the wishes of the brotherhood of San Rocco.


Construction took place in stages, and the later additions and extensions to the building were dictated by the need to adapt the space to accommodate the increasing numbers of worshipers.


The original part of the church probably comprised the choir which dates to pre-1700 and was extended in 1735. This is where the brotherhood would meet every day to celebrate the Eucharist and recite prayers. The central section was added to the choir at the beginning of the eighteenth century.


The two-tiered bell tower, with its octagonal belfry and lantern and windowed oval cupola redolent of the bell tower of the church of Santa Croce, dates to 1708. The main altar dates to 1763.


The frescoes in the choir, which depict the four virtues, also date to the beginning of the eighteenth century. They were fully restored in the 1970s.


Besides the lavishly decorated facade with its unmistakably eighteenth century mouldings, other features of special value include the magnificent balustrades and the main altar of Arzo marble, evidently Baroque in style.