piazza grande 6
Riva san vitale


An elegant building from the second half of the sixteenth century, the Town Hall was built on the wishes of the Della Croce family, and features a spacious portico open on all sides.


The building, which has two stories and an attic, is situated next to other buildings that date to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.


The slightly lowered central arches of the portico are held up by six columns of Serizzo granite and by pillars on the corners supporting the vaulted ceiling.


The mouldings at the base of the columns and on the Doric capital with its double collar feature intricate designs.


On the left side of the back wall, a wide ashlar doorway (main entrance) leads to the hallway and inner courtyard.


The facade contains windows that, on the upper floors, feature squared, protruding frames.


The building, which was fully restored over the period of 2003 to 2006, is included in the list of protected cultural assets. It regularly hosts important cultural events such as art exhibitions and concerts.